Summary Reports – Iowa Farm and Rural Life Poll

2023 Summary Report

The 2023 Farm Poll survey focused on interactions with conservation professionals, rented land and relationships with landlords, and woodland ownership and management.

2022 Summary Report

The 2022 Farm Poll survey focused on a range of issues including farm family quality of life and well-being, farming and traumatic experiences, opinions about what makes a “good farmer,” influence of information sources on decision making and participation in carbon markets.

2021 Summary Report

The 2021 survey contained questions about community vitality, the impacts of COVID-19, renewable energy, carbon markets, perspectives on the Iowa Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund, and use of various media for information and entertainment.

2020 Summary Report

The 2020 survey focused on a range of issues including changes in quality of life and farm financial well-being, economic and policy dimensions of commodity production, awareness of and interest in prairie strips, farmers’ perspectives on climate change, use of communications technology, and well water testing.

2018 Summary Report

The 2018 survey focused on issues including changes in quality of life and farm financial well-being, rented land, use of selected conservation practices, participation in watershed management, awareness of and interest in prairie strips, and use of and perspectives on precision agriculture.

2017 Summary Report

The 2017 survey contained questions about weed and herbicide resistance management, soil health, use of small grains in extended rotations, the influence of agricultural stakeholders on farmers’ decisions and decision making among multiple farm operators.

2016 Summary Report

Survey results for the 2016 Iowa Farm and Rural Life Poll examine conservation practice use, changes in farming practices and strategies and monarch butterfly conservation. Information sources farmers trust is also examined.

2015 Summary Report

Survey results for the 2015 Iowa Farm and Rural Life Poll focus on soil health, changes in farm practices and strategies, conservation practice use, and monarch butterfly conservation.

2014 Summary Report

The next generation of farmers, farm family succession plans, opinions about retirement decisions, use of professional advisers for agricultural decision making (i.e., fertilizer program development, pest and crop disease management, soil and water conservation), the use of information technology, and rural quality of life.

2013 Summary Report

Climate Change, Rented Land, Herbicide-Resistant Weeds, Bt-Resistant Corn, Soil Health and Soil Compaction.

2012 Summary Report

Land Values, Rural Issues and Quality of Life, Use of Communication Technology, Concern about Resistance in Pests.

The 2012 Summary Report of the Iowa Farm and Rural Life Poll includes data gathered from Iowa farm families related to rural communities. Topics covered include land values, quality of life, agricultural information, uses of communication technology, concern about resistance in pests, and certified conservation farmers.

2011 Summary Report

Topics highlighted: climate change, conservation, agricultural drainage, internet use, balancing budgets and what is in a name.

2010 Summary Report

Highlights from the 2010 farm and rural life poll include: community life and neighboring, changes in perceptions over time, population loss and agritourism.

2009 Summary Report

Highlights from the 2009 farm and rural life poll include: the next generation of farmers, farm policy and commodity production, mixed livestock and grain farming, farming and food systems in rural communities, value-added agriculture, targeted conservation, nutrient removal wetlands, and personal and financial well-being.

2008 Summary Report

Highlights from the 2008 farm poll include discussion of quality of life, financial well-being, and community satisfaction and vitality. Population changes in rural communities also is presented.

2007 Summary Report

Bioeconomy, Ethanol, Grain Storage and Transportation, Alternative Energy Investment, Information Sources, Land Use, Farm Plans, Satisfaction with Farming

2006 Summary Report

Impact of Energy Costs, Alternative Energy Use, Energy related Issues, Quality of Life, Financial Conditions, Community and Neighborhood, Livestock Issues, Internet Usage, General Social Issues

2005 Summary Report

The 2005 Iowa Farm and Rural Life Poll asked questions including future governmental support through the Farm Bill, the price of farmland, incentives for conservation, farm succession, state-level economic development programs, methamphetamine production and addiction, and the ability of ISU Extension to meet farmers’ needs.

2004 Summary Report

Results of the 2004 farm and rural life poll regarding health insurance, future of farming, tax policy, water quality, and philanthropy.

2003 Summary Report

Highlights include opinions on community well-being, quality of life, and sense of community. Questions were also asked about biotechnology, food safety, GMOs, and more.

2002 Summary Report

Survey results from almost 2,000 farmers in 2002 regarding crop and livestock issues and quality of life in Iowa.

2001 Summary Report

Highlights regarding community and economic development, among other survey questions, as reported in this 2001 summary.

2000 Summary Report

Survey results from nearly 5,000 farmers in 2000 highlighted the following topics: biotechnology, food safety and health, transgenic hybrids, average distance traveled to obtain services (business, community, etc.), recreational and leisure activities, minority and immigrant issues, alternative livestock production, financial conditions, and quality of life.

1999 Summary Report

Results of the 1999 Iowa Farm and Rural Life Poll with the primary focus on how farm families are coping with current conditions and what they expect in the next decade.

1998 Summary Report

Results of the 1998 Iowa Farm and Rural Life Poll; highlights include information technology on Iowa farms, opinions on economic development, ranking of state and national issues, precision farming, quality of life, and issues surrounding the livestock industry.

1997 Summary Report

Results of the 1997 Iowa Farm and Rural Life Poll regarding risk, health issues, perceptions of well-being, job and work satisfaction, perceived financial situation, new technologies, and off-farm employment.

1996 Summary Report

Results of the 1996 Iowa Farm and Rural Life Poll regarding future of farming, farming satisfaction, community life and neighboring, quality of life, perceptions of financial conditions, evaluation of Extension, and threats to groundwater.

1995 Summary Report

Role of Government in Agriculture, Agricultural Research, On-farm Computer Use, Farm Safety, Livestock, Manure Issues, Land Ownership, Farm Plans

1994 Summary Report

Survey results on commodity programs, pesticide use, quality of the farming life, community development, and more.

1993 Summary Report

Future of Agriculture, Economic Issues in Agriculture, Use of Marketing Information, Community Issues and Economic Development, Threats to Rural America, Ethics, Environmental Views, Soil Quality

1992 Summary Report

Woodland Protection, Home Safety and Heating, Farm Management, State Land Ownership Laws

1991 Summary Report

Future Farm Plans, Satisfaction with Farming, Contracts, University Research Assessment, Biotechnology, Nitrogen Use and Pollution, Livestock Facilities, Quality of Life, Farm Financial Conditions

1990 Summary Report

Farming Outlook, Quality of Life, Community Service Availability, Community Life, Animal Wildlife and Protection, Farm Values, Sustainable Agriculture, Financial and Economic Outlook, Self-reliance

1989 Summary Report

Ag Policy, International Trade Policy, Farm Management, Chemical Use, Water Pollution, Health and Safety Concerns, Information Sources, Stress, Off-farm Employment, Government Program Participation

1988 Summary Report

Economic Development, Conservation Practices, Rural Development, Use of Marketing Tools, Farm Financial Conditions, Quality of Life, Land Ownership, Conservation Reserve Program

1987 Summary Report

Agricultural Policy, International Trade Policy, Biotechnology, ISU Linkages, Conservation Tillage, Risk Management, Contract Farming

1986 Summary Report

1985 Farm Bill, Land Laws, Future Farm Plans, Farm Economic Conditions, Quality of Life, Rural Problems and Support, Stress

1985 (Fall) Summary Report

Global Competition and Commodity Prices, Rural Development, Farm Management, Co-op Membership and Use

1985 (Spring) Summary Report

Foreclosures, Tax Laws, Economic Development, Off-farm Employment, Cost of Living, Quality of Life, Health Care

1984 (Fall) Summary Report

Debt Restructuring, Land Policy, Tax Policy, 1985 Farm Bill, Role of Government, New Technology, Financial Conditions in Farming, Satisfaction with Farming, Future Farming Plans

1984 (Spring) Summary Report

Agricultural Policy and Trade, Farm Exports, Future of Farming, Role of Government, Community Life, Research Priorities

1983 (Fall) Summary Report

Agricultural Policy Issues, Conservation Tillage, Water Issues, Future Directions, Agricultural Teaching, Cooperative Extension Service

1983 (Spring) Summary Report

Agricultural Policy Issues, Community Services and Facilities, Future Farm Plans, Purchasing Intentions for 1983, Agricultural Programs

1982 Summary Report

Agricultural Price Policy, Current Agricultural Issues, Coming Changes, The Future of Agriculture, Rural Living, A Profile of Iowa Farm Operators